Welcome to the Italian Territories section, where we can help you discover Italy’s hidden treasures.


We bring you exciting itineraries, travel tips, and proposals, for touring lesser-known areas of Italy that have unfortunately remained under the radar. Thanks to Touring Club Italiano, FAI-Fondo Ambiente Italiano, I Parchi Letterari® and the Unione Ristoranti Buon Ricordo we want take you throughout all of Italy’s regions, from the Alps, to Sicily, with 36 different itineraries. Each proposal includes photos and practical information about the destinations. Buon viaggio!

Powered by Abruzzo - Maiella: mountains, hermitages, and D'Annunzio Basilicata - Matera, a beautiful rock Basilicata - The Badlands of Lucania's far west Calabria - The great forest of the South: from Lamezia to Sila Campania - Capri and Costiera in a whole new light Campania - Naples beyond stereotype Emilia Romagna - Music maestro: Parma and Parmense Friuli Venezia Giulia - Along the coast from Grado to Trieste Lazio - Ciociaria, in the shadow of Sophia Loren Lazio - Discover a whole new world outside of Rome Lazio - The province of Viterbo: lakes, cycling, and the quintessential village Liguria - Ponente: the villas, sea, and oil of the hinterlands Lombardia - Milan behind the scenes Lombardy - The lakes, villas and towns of Comasco and Varesotto Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Liguria - Through the valley to the sea, by way of the Apennine Mountains Marche - Living the good life in Fermo Marche - The not so small village Molise - The bells of Agnone Piedmont - A taste of the Langhe Piedmont - Biella and Ivrea: historic homes and gardens Puglia - Salento (still) to be discovered Puglia - The distinctive charm of the “white cities” Puglia - The province of Foggia: sea, forest, and wheat Sardegna - Inland Sardinia - a surprise journey Sardegna - Wine and waves: San Pietro and Sulcis Sicily - Poetry and art of the Southeast Sicily - The Mediterranean perfume of Trapani Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto - Art and nature at the foot of a mountain Tuscany - Aretino: the world beyond Cortona Tuscany - Etruscans and the oases of Grosseto Tuscany - Livorno and Pisa, off the beaten path Umbria - From Spello to Assisi: treasures of art and nature Umbria - Norcia and the Sibillini Mountains: an undiscovered treasure Valle D'Aosta - The parks and forts of the lower valley Veneto - Padova: one capital, one thousand possibilities Veneto - The other Venice
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