Alla scoperta dell’Italia Alla scoperta dell’Italia

Vuoi organizzare il tuo viaggio in Italia? Visitare musei e teatri? Carpire i segreti del Made in Italy? Parti da qui! Ti proponiamo una finestra sull’Italia: un Paese che, da millenni, seduce e produce.


Speciale Museo Egizio di Torino, casa della più grande collezione al mondo di antichità egizie fuori dell'Egitto


Le Meraviglie del Museo Egizio

The video shows the wonders of the permanent collection of the Museo Egizio in its brand new set-up.

The short film lets viewers in on a sneak-peak of the new exhibition which traces the history of the Museum and its collections, the archaeological contexts of the objects on display as well as the history of the missions, their organization and modus operandi.

The Egyptian Museum, founded in 1824, is the oldest museum dedicated to the civilization that developed on the banks of the Nile and boasts the second largest collection of Egyptian antiquities in the world, and the most important outside of Egypt.

The Museum has now doubled in size to approximately 10,000 square meters and includes five floors and 15 rooms with 3,300 objects on permanent display, and a 600 square meter temporary exhibition area.

Mostra: Il Nilo a Pompei

”The Nile in Pompeii. Visions of Egypt in the Roman world” is a journey from Pharaonic Egypt to Roman Italy, against the backdrop of the Mediterranean.

It features objects and images that travelled from the banks of Nile to new lands, met different cultures and have survived to this day. The exhibition presents exquisite objects displayed in Turin for the first time, such as frescoes from the Temple of Isis and the House of the Golden Bracelet in Pompeii: over 300 objects from just under twenty Italian and foreign museums.

7 Sekhmet e 1 Pharaoh – The journey

This video shows the trips of the statues representing the Goddess Sekhmet and the statue representing Thutmose I to the Pompeii sites where they are on loan for the exhibition “Egitto in Pompei” in the “Palestra Grande” of the archeological site until November 2nd, 2016.

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