Italian Treasures in the US Italian Treasures in the US

View of the Roman Forum

The Walters Museum of Art

Baltimore, MD

Panini, Giovanni Paolo

Year: 1747

Type of Work: Painting

Material: Oil on canvas

Description: In creating this historical portrayal of the Roman Forum, Panini, the most celebrated Roman landscape painter of his time, eliminated some modern buildings in order not to obstruct his vista, which stretches from the Arch of Septimius Severus to the Column of the Temple of Saturn. Apparently in order to maximize interest, he also added monuments from miles away. The companion View of the Colosseum is handled in much the same way. The ancient structures are given new life by Rome's inhabitants--strolling gentlemen contemplating the antiquities, perhaps the tourists who will purchase such paintings as this, and gypsies and peasants who simply make the ruins their home.

Dimensions: H: 32 1/4 x (W: 52 9/16 in. (H: 81.9 x (W: 133.5 cm)

Museum purchase, 1954. 37.2366
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